Long time no see

I know, I know, it's been a while, but somehow I just haven't had time to update :/ but I'm here now :) 

Dad's sitting on the balcony fixing the kitchen doors... don't ask! but if you do, here's an explanation:
it took too long time for the professionals to fix them and, well, we kind of need the door on Saturday. Enivei, the company that makes the kitchen doors said that we can get them in two weeks... that was 4 weeks ago, so we got them back and now we're (aka pappa) fixing them ourselves. The good news is that it's not that it's not that complicated so "Isä kätevä hoitaa homman" ( =dad gets it done)

enough about the doors! My graduation dress is almost ready. Mom's just going to do some changes and then it's done! :) It's light blue and dark red... it may not sound so nice, but I like it, and frankly I don't give a sh*t if you don't! :) On Saturday you'll :) I mean, if you're coming to us :) The only thing is, that I can’t decide how to fix my nails :/ Am I going to have light blue, dark red or French manicure with blue top and red all over… :/ decisions, decisions, decisions.

I went downtown today. Never have I heard so much Spanish and seen so many Spanish speaking people in Helsinki city on a Monday afternoon in the end of May. Why are the tourists coming to Helsinki? And why are the tourists coming to Helsinki in the end of May? I guess all the other flights to Sweden, Portugal, Italy, (I was going to say Spain too, but then I realized that they’re from Spain… blond moment) Brazil, USA, Thailand and all the other “better” places got overbooked and these fuckers were thrown over to Finland :D hihi hopefully they like our city though! :)

I have to go back to reality now, so…

See ya fuckers


My Weekend

On Saturday I had the Rotex Farewell-party. It made me realize how time flies fast (like bananas) and how little you make out of your time. I had an amazing time with the girls though :) I even got a present, and not a bad one!! :D (see picture) I absolutely loved it!! it a bracelet from Thomas Sabo of a light blue globe <3 couldn't suit me better <3 it's amazing how exchange students and ex-exchange students know you inside out even if you haven't known them for very long :) Thank you, once again for the present <3

I could go on and on about Rotary, Rotex and the exchange student-life, but I'm not going to bore you anymore with that :) so it continues: Saturday night I took the bike and took off to Ellen. There I stayed for the rest of the night, chilling and hanging :) It's always fun to chill and hang with E ^.^ I'm still chocked about her family moving from Villagatan :( But I guess I just have to deal with it :/


Sunday was a different day. I went to Linnanmäki with Ellen :) There I saw Tiina who works there :D We stayed there the whole day and it's a long time ago I had a fun day like that :) Ellen and I proved everybody that you never get too old for Linnanmäki, or any amusement park for that matter :) We even got all wet! :DD hihi

In the evning I once again went to Ellen ^.^ Stayed there for a couple of hours and just chilled :D and to answer your question: no, we don't do anything else than chill and hang! It may seem boring, but it's not! ;) Right, Ellen?

So finally this day; woke up at 10 am, got ready for babysitting Morris who's sleeping at this moment :D Mom and dad are absolutely in love with him, but of course they can't admit it. I have to say though; he is a little bit too cute :)


I love love love the bracelet!!!
Say Hello to Morris :)

Forgot to say...



Finally friday, though  it doesn't really feel that different for me :/ since I don't have school anymore (and wont have, either) I don't have anywhere I have to go from monday to friday, 8am to 15pm :D
It's finfredag med Morgonpasset today, and I have to say, it is actually finfredag :) The sun i shining, it's +16°, and... well, it's friday ;)

My day:
woke up at 9.30am, took a shower, went to school to get the results on the exmaes. Came back home, grabed something from the fridge, chilled.

Going downtown with mom to buy some stuff, including a graduation hatt :)

Parabéns Vania, 50 anos

Hoje e aniversário da minha mãe brasilheira. Ela ta fazendo 50 anos hoje :) Queria só falar parabéns e tudo de bom para ela, então liguei para ela e conversei com ela, Edgard, Fabio e Laylla :)
Disseram que tudo está bem e que vai ter festa, mas só proxima semana porque avô Gaspar vai ter uma uma cirurgia amanha em São Paulo. Vai ficar lá uma semana. Espero que ele volta e fica melhor mais rápido que possivel e que tudo vai ficar bem com ele. Também disseram que a Laylla vai para Dinsey :) To feliz por ela, porque quando eu fiz intercanbio (2 ano atrás) ela tava falando como ela quer ir para Disney, e agora ela vai :) A coisa triste e que ela não vai estar em casa no aniversário de 15 anos dela :( mas não tem problemas, ela vai adorar o Disney! ;)

Agora to com mais saudades deles ainda e quero voltar para lá mais ainda :/ Mas agora não da, neh :( No final do ano VOU voltar para Brasil, prometo! Tanto faz se eu tenho que roubar um banco ou matar a presidenta, vou voltar ;) 

Então Brasilheiros
Até final do ano ;)

Parabéns Vania! Saudades :)

Had breakfast with this girl today

Had breakfast with Ellen today... I met her at 10am, but it felt like 6am :/ The best thing was, when we went to the store to buy the breakfast the lady who worked there (Ellen knows her) ask why she was awake so early... this was at about 10.20 am. You got to love being young and able to sleep 4ever :)


The saddest thing about the breakfast-date was that Ellen told me she's going to move :( Sure, it's greatest that she's moving closer to my home and all that, but I and we have so many memories from Ellen's apartment so it makes me sad to know that someone else (probably a creepy old guy/couple) is going to live there :( But nothing lasts forever, right?




I'm off to Lahti "to do" some Rotex with the girls ;)


woke up early, just for breakfast

I hope I get a lollipop :P

I'm off to the doctor for my chin. I hope I get a lollipop... ^.^ It's a sunny day, again :D I think summer is here. And this time to stay 8) or at least I hope so :) Gotta get ready now!



Listening to P3

I can't stop looking at my shoes that I bouth in Tallinn :) Does anyone know a stronger ford for love? Because I can't come up with anything... :/ Right now I'm listening to Morgonpasset i P3. It's kinda funny! :D I have to listen to it online, because 1. Swedish radio isn't sent in Finland and 2. I'm usually not awake so early that I could hear "morgonpasset i P3" live... Should I take that as a hint?

Tips: Morgonpasset i P3: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=2024

My day:
I woke up at 11.30 a.m. ^.^ ate breakefast and tryed on the dress my mom is making for me for Johannas weddin and facebooked a while Then I brought my shoes that I bought in Brazil during my exchange to the shoemaker (they're not doing so well :( ...) Come home again, took a shower, ate lunch, had some Rotexstuff do take care of and now I'm here :) But the day is not over yet. In a couple of hour I'm to the gym with mom and after that meeting a old friends, Lotta Ringbom :) And after that the day can end :) 

I kind of like not having shool. Now I have time for so much more :) For example, tomorrow I'm going to eat breakfast with Rebecca :) How greate is that! ;)

Love, love, love them :)

My mom knows how to make the shit :)

See ya fuckers ;)

I'm going to Tallinn tomorrow!!

How great is that?!! When you don't find things to shop in Helsinki, go to Tallinn! ;) I bought the ticket for 41€ (both ways!!!) I LOVE to be spontaneous! Think I'm going to start being that a little more often :D


Found a kind of funny picture today, thought I could share my findings :)


L8R ;)
"yours truly"

Turns out, Finland is not a fun land

For starters, you haven’t heard from me because I haven’t had time to tell you anything. I have a lot to tell, but I’m not going to tell you anything here. If you want to know what I’ve done the last couples of days, you just have to call me and ask ;) It’s as simple as that!


I came home from Sweden this morning :( Sad, but true. It's boring to be home in Helsinki again after lovely days in Stockholm :/ I guess you can't hide from reality. 1 hour later I was on my way to the Fazer chocolate factory with Rotex :P I liked it, although I ate too much candy, but no can do, right? When you're in a chocolate factory, especially Fazer, you have to eat until you can't breathe :D or not... The sad thing is that I'm going there tomorrow again... With another group of exchange students... :D candy, here I come :)

Tonight I watched the hockey game (Finland 3 - 2 Latvia) with the Rotex girls :) I had fun, once again. It's hard not to have fun with the girls. I couldn't... not have fun even if I tried! Is that a good thing or a bad thing...? I can't really make up my mind about that...


Boa Noite!

Até outro dia

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