Leading to its end

Normally you would be happy to go to the airport, but not this time. My love, Aaron is leaving. He's going back to Australia, which is not fun! I so want him to stay here!
I could never forget him, not even if I tried! I'm so happy I got to spent 18 hours with him on the bus!
I'm gonna try not to cry my eyes out this time... Even though I think it's impossible to say goodbye do an exchange student (specially someone like him) without crying. I'm gonna challenge myself!
Lapland was amazing! I'm so glad I got to go! It was sad, of course, but I loved it!
The oldies tried to kill me and Aksu when they sang "Hollywood Hills" from Eurotour, which wasn't the greatest moment of the trip... but I still loved every moment of it :) I even got 50 cent from Tino for my ticket to New Zeeland! 50 cent down, only x cents to go! I can do this! ;)

Love you Aaron, and Tino, sorry for cutting you out of the picture


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