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As you may know, I have a visitor counter on my blog. It always says the country and the city, but it also shows the country’s flag :) So today I got my first Swiss flag :) this almost calls for an celebration!


Than you ÄLN for makeing my blog cooler :P hehe


Viel Glück Ellen

Ellen left yesterday, she's moved to Schweiz to be an au pair :) 
I'm gonna miss her like crazy but I'm happy for her! She's gonna have fun and love it! After all, that's what she wants to do, and she's one of the few people I know that does what they wants to do... including me. Anyways, I'm happy for her!
I talked to her on Skype yesterday, and her room is toooo cool! Ellen: "Just press a bottom, and the drapers are down" Agnes: "OH, MY, GOD, AAHHHH!!" :) Who wouldn't enjoy that! She's gonna live there for a year. I really hope I have money to go visit her! I just too curious not to go :)



ÄLN okk Änändä :)

Jäg, ÄLN okk Joulia


decisions, decisions, decisions...

Today was better than yesterday... I even picked some flowers :)

Ellen's leaving on Friday... I'm happy for her, because she's gonna have the time of her life!! And I am too if I'm going to visit her :) Love you Äln!

I have deadline: I have to decide if I wanna study in Uppsala next year or not. It looks like "I have too", but... there's still a chance I won't... yet! If I don't move there this summer, I will definitely move next year!! That’s for sure! Ever since sis 1,2 and 3 moved there I wanted to follow them, so I am moving there! I just don't know when yet :/

To be honest, I don't wanna move there this year, cuz then I would have to "start all over again" and I don't really know if I have the energy for that... + I'm kinda sick of school right now... been for the last year. And then of course, there's Rotex... I can't be as so called active in Rotex if I move, and rotex, well rotex is rotex and I absolutely love it!! IF I move, I'm gonna come home a lot (aka as often as I can), too see everybody and to be a rotex! :)

bottom line is, I wanna move, but not just yet. Right now I have all my friends in Finland and I absolutely love them. Life's simply just good and fun now... 

I sound depressed... which I'm not! I just can't make up my mind :)


ANYWAY, time to back to reality


Nokia PC Suite = crap

I'm really not a big fan of Nokia PC Suite!! I tried to get some pictures and videos from my phone to the computer, but it's just too complicated so I ended up deleting a video (that I really liked) :( How can it be so god damn difficult to come up with a program that EVERYBODY knows how to use???

The worst thing is that they say it's "easy and quick"... in my ass


b, as in bank

Every time I go to the bank, which is like once a year, it feels like I'm a very important person... So important that I can't do what I have to do on the internet, like normal people :) Today, I went to the bank to

1. get my new credit card


2. put the money I got for graduation on my account :)


The bank-lady was really nice! She congratulated me on graduating, said that people clearly like me, cuz I got a lot of money, more than she got when she graduated, (which was like 8 years ago) :D I liked her! I even got her business card so that I can call her or contact her if I have questions or bank-things that needs to be taken care of! I GOT A NEW FRIEND! :D Jealous much??

I saw Kinga yesterday! My friend from Poland, who was in Brazil the same year as me. It was amazing to see her again and so much fun! I thought we wouldn't be as good friends anymore, after all, it's been 2 years and 4 months since I've seen her. But that was not the case! we were just like we were in Brazil, this time only smarter and older :) I loved loved loved seeing her and really miss her now. The minute I have enough money to go to her place, I'm so going! :)

I also had an amazing time with Rebecca yesterday :) Chilled at Coffee House for quite some time! But don't get me wrong! It was fun fun fun :)

Kinga, te amo!

She's not normal, but then again, who is??



Sitting on the train...

Hello, I'm bored to death!

I'm sitting on the train from Tampere to Helsinki, trying to entertain myself on this thing called Internet, but it's kinda hard, cuz the connection sucks :( But I have to admit, bad connection is better than no connection at all! In Swedish we would call this "I-landsproblem" (if you don't understand, learn Swedish!)

The worst thing about my littel "trip" is that there's a man sitting close infront of me, who smell's really bad!! Unbelieble that you first have to pay almost bouble price for a first class ticket, and then comes the smelly man -.- so not worth the extra money! :/ but no can do, right?

The woman in the speakers just annosed that we're arriving in Tikkurila, 10 minutes from Helsinki :) Finally! The end of bordness :)

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! I know I am, if you don't count the train journey from Tampere to Helsinki :)


Good old music

I know, it's old, but you gotta admit, it's good stuff!

Here we go...

It all started on Wednesday the 6th when sister number 2 and I sat in the car and drove from Pirkkala, Tampere to Turku. From there we took the boat to Stockholm, Sweden. We had a nice evening/night at the boat :)

Thursday morning, when we arrived in Stockholm we drove to Solna, to sister number 3. We arrived pretty early so when we knocked at the door sis.3 had just woken up to get ready for work. Although she was awake physical I'm not quite sure she was awake mentally, because when she opened the door she looked at us like we were strangers... Which we shouldn't be to her :)

Anyway, we wanted to be in Stockholm on the 8th, because that's sis.3s' birthday and we wanted to be there for her. I already felt bad for her cuz she had to go to work... To make a long story short, we had a BBQ on Friday with the birthday girl, sis.2 and birthday girls’ friends :) Meeting her friends was great, they're pretty funny (like sis.3.)

The next day was The Day, meaning sis.1s' bridal shower. We (sis. 2 and 3, sis.1s' three friends and me) got to sis.1's apartment at 8a.m. Went inside to wake her up and that's when it all started :)
The program was:
- wake sis.1 up and make her breakfast (check)

- take her horseback riding
- have lunch

- go to the Yasuragi spa outside Stockholm ( and stay there until beautiful and fresh (which didn’t take that long)


- have dinner in a apartment in Stockholm city

Personally I liked the spa the best, where I had fish pedicure = fish eat dead skin cells off your feet. At first it tickled like hell, but after a while it wasn’t that bad :) If you want to treat yourself, have a fish pedicure! It’s worth it!

The best thing about the day was that sis.1 was completely chocked when we got to her place in the morning :) She hadn’t suspect anything so she was kind of chocked. I must say, it was pretty fun to hide 5 minutes from her place :) the best thing was when I was driving past her house and sis.2 had a little panic attack because she thought sis.1 would see us or our car… Which (no offence sis.1) she wouldn’t have seen even if we drove pass her. Alright, it doesn’t sound so funny but it was at the time! I promise!

That was the two things we went there for. On Sunday we woke up at about noon, chilled, went shopping, went to sis.1’s place to make pizza for dinner, and… that’s it.

I had an amazing trip! And I can’t wait till the wedding :) it’s going to be b.e.a-utiful!





You'll get un update tomorrow :)

Brazil never stops surprising the world

You gotta love Brazil!
It's a beautiful and mysterious country and that's the way I like it :)


Breaver was here

Just come home from dropping of Beaver at her house :/ She was supposed to stay her Sunday to Monday but we made a deal with her host mum so she could stay her till today :)

I had an amazing 3 days and 2 night with her :D Yesterday we went to the movies, we saw fast and furious 5, OH YEAH BABY!! ;D The sad thing was that the translation sucked so we were like the only ones who actually got the jokes... and they were pretty fucking funny! We even come up with own jokes :D 

After the movies we went to McDonalds, saw and drunk who probably was on drugs too, lifting chairs and jumping over the stairs and trying to get ketchup from a empty ketchup bottle... he was scary but funny as hell! hihi

Anyways, I'm back to normal now... :( Normal's poo! 

Later Love

Christmas in the summer

I'm leaving Helsinki for Tampere today. I think I'll stay there for some time but the tree things I have on my "to do"-list is:

1. Celebrate my birthday
2. Meet Beaver
3. Celebrate Mums birthday and mums and dads anniversary

The summer for me is kinda of like Christmas only for a longer time :) First we have Maria and her birthday. Then a week after that we have me! ;) After that pit's mums birthday and my parents wedding anniversary (on my mums’ birthday). Then it's Monika and last but not least it's isä's birthday :) Johanna is the only one who's not "with us" during our secound Christmas but normally at least one in my family is travelling so she gets presents from the trip :) Like from me from Eurotour so don't worry about her :)

Btw, I have Brazilians in my house :) They're leaving today though but I've hade them for 2 nights and 3 days so I'm happy! It's amazing how much I start to miss Brazil the minute I start to talk with people from there <3 Love love love it! :)

Happy sunny summer to ya'll



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