I'm home for lunch... eat too much again -.-

There both good and bad things about having the first class at 10 am and the second (and last) at 3pm... I get up in the morning, get things done during normal hours (that's the good part) but at the same time, I'm not a morning-person, so I hate getting up before noon + if I have too much time I do stuff I should be doing instead for doing the things I really should be doing. Like now, for example... I'm writing on my blog O.o

For those who have seen Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 probably recognizes the song... But for those who haven't seen either of the movies, you've missed a lot! Watch the movie(s), and get back to me ;)

Have a nice day!


life's not easy...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My new favorite song :)

Ellen Pellen

Everytime I talk to Ellen on Skype I miss her and all the things we used to do even more. Things like hanging out at her place, wrap each other in toilet paper... (don't ask!), get amazing drinks, stay up til 7a.m not doing anything, but everything and just have the time of your life there. I love her from the bottom of my heart! It really sucks that she's not a guy, other ways I would definitely marry her right this second ;)

The saddest thing is that her family is moving... From the apartment with all the memories! I don't even wanna think about the random person/family/perv that will be living there after them... makes me sad just to write about it :(

Talk about moving, 
tomorrow's my turn! :) I'm moving to Uppsala... to study. I'm excited at the same time I'm a little scared, after all, it's all new, and I'm about to leave the home I've been living in for 11 years... and that's a long time for me! But it helps that I know the city and place I'm moving to + I have my lovely sisters (accept one lucky girl who’s about to enjoy 9 month in USA) 45 minutes from me, so I'll be fine, don't worry ;)

Anyway, time to go to bed. I'm gonna sleep like a baby, for the last time in Helsinki! :)


I belive I can fly

Just got home from having breakfast/brunch with my girls, Beccy and Bella :) we just talked about everything we could come and think of. Loved to see them again and I'm gonna miss them!

I'm moving in 2 days, Wednesday to be exact :) Even though the move isn't that big of a deal it still is a bit sad to leave Finland after 11 years... It's like an end of an era. And frankly, I'm not a big fan of saying goodbye to things/people, it makes me sad. But I'm exited :D

Speaking of goodbyes, Beaver was here yesterday. She actually came on Saturday and left yesterday, so... yeah. Anyways I had an Amazing time with her and Aaron, the drug dealer, this weekend! Makes me smile every time I think about those two. Specially them together!


I also saw Iinas new apartment yesterday. It beautiful! Absolutely loved it! We made salty muffins. It was kinda entertaining to see her trying to cook with a Swedish recipe and American cups + she wasn't feeling so good. I hope she's better today though.



New Header

So, what do you think about my new header? 
Since I'm not that good on computers, you have to give me some credits... It only took me almost 24h to pimp my blog :) and I'm pretty damn proud of it! 

So after today I have 5 more days here in Finland/Funland (pick one) and it feels kind off unreal to actually have to leave everybody and everything here, after 11 years of... can't come up with a word that covers everything. Somehow we've been talking about me moving for so long, so it's strange that the day actually has come. But everything has and end I guess :)

Anyways, enough of the sadness, time for a movie!! ;)


Everyday it's a-gettin' closer

Isn't it grate! :)

We're having lunch/dinner (pick one) at Ellu's today at 3pm, and after that it's movie time. We have some stuff we (Monika and I) have to do before the lunch/dinner so I think we're gonna be a little late cuz Monika just went for a run, and we should leave in about 30min... And that ain’t gonna happen! Saldy!

Enjoy the song!



I've been listening to this song the whole morning... Damn you Monika! She's the one who showed me the song and now I can't get it out of my head...

The strangest thing happend yesterday!
I got my ID back... The ID I lost with my wallet a couple of week back. What I don't understand is how the hell did they find my ID but not my wallet (or any other card), when the ID was in the wallet O.o Anyways, I'm going to the police station to the lost and found to see if they have any of my stuff there. That last sentens made me sound irresponsilbe.

I'm off to do something with Beaver


The Wedding

I'm back in Finland again...


The wedding was lika a dream! It was fun, beautiful, had gourmet food, not too many guests, Uppsalas weather was good, beautiful church and the banquett hall was heavenly! Even the priest was perfect, spoke Swedish AND Finnish :) That was one of the best surprises of the day :) I've only got one word to say: Royal wedding :)

It's kinda boring to be back home... We're not talking anything else but the wedding. 
It feels weird that it's already over for my part :( We've been talking about it the whole summer, and just like that, it's over :/ 
The good thing is that I've got photos to look at! That way I can pretend it's happening all over again! Just put a good song in you years, watch a slideshow and BOOM you're at the wedding again! I wish it was that easy! 

Johanna and Gustav are on their way to Thailand on their honeymoon :) They're boarding this second. Just texted with her, where she said that they're gonna board the plane now, and I gotta admit: I'm kinda jealous! Who wouldn't want to go to Thailand for 10 days?! Amazing! :) They're gonna like it!

I'm happy! I'm happy the wedding was perfect and I'm happy for the two lovebirds who's probably in the blue sky by now 


The dress I wore, made by my mum

Dress made by my mum. Shoes: Guess, bought in Tallin, Estonia


The bride and I


The sisters
The Bride and Groom and the wedding cake

The wedding waltz

The Ring

Tomorrow: Wedding!

Gotta sleep now, so you'll get an update after the wedding :)


Baby, oh baby...


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