To do list, Wednesday 27th

- Meet Anna
- Get a suitcase from the attic to mom, dad and me
pack your bag (NB! give the "forbidden stuff" to mom and dad)
- call Tiina
- call Aksu
- work
(- have fun)

Now: meet Anna ;)

I promised, didn't I?!

To start with, I never told you what time you’ll get um update, just that you’ll get one! And now you do! ;)

I’m spending the Easter holydays in Pirkkala this year. I was going to say “as always”, but then I remembered that that is not the truth. Last year we, my family and I, spent the holydays in northern Sweden and the year before that we spent it in BRAZIL BABY!! No offence to Sweden (I love that country) but Brazil wins over Sweden pretty easily (with an Italian accent). We did even have the Easter eggs, the Fazer Mignon eggs that my grandmother always gives us :D And, I have to say, it wasn’t easy to find an small egg made of chocolate in a apartment you’ve never been in before and, is not too small -.- ps. everybody found their egg ;D

My mom always hides the egg somewhere in the house (or the apartment or… whatever) and then we’re supposed to find the egg. It may not sound so fun for you, but we’ve done it for as long as I can remember and without the hide and seek there’s no Easter! The sad thing is that Maria and Johanna isn’t coming home this Easter, so it’s just going to be me, Monika, mom and dad this year.

SO, that’s the Easter memories for today.


See ya l8r, allig8r

Song of the week: Erase Me  by Kid Cudi and Kanye West


2morrow, I promise!

You'll get an update tomorrow! I promise! :)
I'm off to the airport to pick up my sistaah (Monika) who's coming home for easter (unlike Maria and Johanna :() :)

so... I'll see u l8r

Addicted to One Tree Hill :/

I'm still watching One Tree Hill... I've seen season 1, 2, 3 and almost 4 :) It's just too much fun! But i won't lie, nothing will EVER beet Friends!!! :) ANYWAY (or like my dad would say it "enivei") if you've never seen One Tree Hill before, watch the clip ;) You may start watching the show and get addicted to it (like me), but do not blame me for that! :D

I made meringue today :) gave some to my grandmother and kept the rest for myself :) Somehow I just had to have some meringue, so I made some (smart, huh?!) and they're delicious! ^^

see you later alligator!


ps. kunde inte ladda puu klippet, så ni får gå och kolla det själva:


Friends 4ever :D

mmm... :D

Oh sunny day

--- until now. Looks like it's gonna rain soon :/

Had lunch with Bella and Beccy today :) and had just too much fun :) I eat a pasta with chrimps :P I aint gonna be hungry in a while!! Thats one thing for sure! :D

Soon to the gym with mum ^^

Ciao ;)

And we're back to 3

Monika left us for Stockholm today... She had to go back after a week, first in Italy with me ^^ and then here in Helsinki :) So... I'm struggling with the feeling I get every time someone leaves :/ Not fun! But no worries, Monika's coming home within 2 weeks for Easter!
We thought we could do this 1 trip/year to a tradition. We've been to France, now Italy and next time we're going to Portugal ;) Where I actually could use one of the many languages I know :D How great is that?! + I've heard that it's an amazing country, not better than Brazil, but still. A lot of people in Brazil makes fun of Portugal and Portuguese, so I got to go there and see if the things I've heard it true. I know, I've got a good reason! :D :D + Maria could come with us next time :)

Just fixed my nails... ^^ found a color I didn't know I had, and I kind of love it :) Dark red/wine colored.

Note to myself: count how many nail polis I have!


See you late alligator!


On our way to the airport

The new color I found :P

Boa Noite


ciao i miei amici!

I'm home from Italy :( It kind of sucks to come back to +2C and rain after 4 days in +25C and sun :/ But no worries, spring is coming! Slowly, but still :)
Being in Italy made me miss Brazil even more. It's easy not to miss Brazil when you're in Finland and it's -25C outside, but when you're in Italy, where the sun and the heat is, it just brings back memories, both good and bad memories :)
I've fallen in love with the Italian language! And the best thing about it is that I understood some parts of it, just like that :D It's amazing how small things can make your day, even your week!

Ps. saw Rebecca today :) She has joined us in the blog-club :)

No need for further presentation :) --> Pisa

Ponte Vecchio,

Sorry for the late update...

This is how I've been feeling for the last couples of days:

This is who I REALLY would need a hug and kiss from right now:

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