Addicted to One Tree Hill :/

I'm still watching One Tree Hill... I've seen season 1, 2, 3 and almost 4 :) It's just too much fun! But i won't lie, nothing will EVER beet Friends!!! :) ANYWAY (or like my dad would say it "enivei") if you've never seen One Tree Hill before, watch the clip ;) You may start watching the show and get addicted to it (like me), but do not blame me for that! :D

I made meringue today :) gave some to my grandmother and kept the rest for myself :) Somehow I just had to have some meringue, so I made some (smart, huh?!) and they're delicious! ^^

see you later alligator!


ps. kunde inte ladda puu klippet, så ni får gå och kolla det själva:


Friends 4ever :D

mmm... :D

Postat av: Maria

hahah, sjukt bra serie indeed. Speciellt dom äldre avsnitten. Brooke är favoriten förstås ;) Vad snällt av dig att bjuda farmor på godsaker... men vad var det du hade bakat?

2011-04-16 @ 10:54:20

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