O beijo na boca é coisa do passado, amor quero ver e namorar pelado.

the chorus is in portuguese... how cool is that??


This is not a bedtime story

I've been on the dark side. They lied about the cookies


So this is what really happened...

Why haven't anybody told me that this was the real reason that dinosaurs became extinct? Noah simply had something against dinosaurs. That bitch... He should have been fair and excepted everything and everybody, but no.

I think the summer’s on it’s way… The sun has been shining for a couple of days now, which isn’t than common here in this amazing IKEA-land.




Maybe it's Maybelline... Maybe it's Photoshop.




Some are just smarter than average

If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question


Addicted to a song again

I'm addicted to this song... Pärlor by Kent, and yes, it's on repeat...

I can't believe they let people own guns. Public toilets are all the proof we need that humans have horrible aim.


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