Long time no see

I know, I know, it's been a while, but somehow I just haven't had time to update :/ but I'm here now :) 

Dad's sitting on the balcony fixing the kitchen doors... don't ask! but if you do, here's an explanation:
it took too long time for the professionals to fix them and, well, we kind of need the door on Saturday. Enivei, the company that makes the kitchen doors said that we can get them in two weeks... that was 4 weeks ago, so we got them back and now we're (aka pappa) fixing them ourselves. The good news is that it's not that it's not that complicated so "Isä kätevä hoitaa homman" ( =dad gets it done)

enough about the doors! My graduation dress is almost ready. Mom's just going to do some changes and then it's done! :) It's light blue and dark red... it may not sound so nice, but I like it, and frankly I don't give a sh*t if you don't! :) On Saturday you'll :) I mean, if you're coming to us :) The only thing is, that I can’t decide how to fix my nails :/ Am I going to have light blue, dark red or French manicure with blue top and red all over… :/ decisions, decisions, decisions.

I went downtown today. Never have I heard so much Spanish and seen so many Spanish speaking people in Helsinki city on a Monday afternoon in the end of May. Why are the tourists coming to Helsinki? And why are the tourists coming to Helsinki in the end of May? I guess all the other flights to Sweden, Portugal, Italy, (I was going to say Spain too, but then I realized that they’re from Spain… blond moment) Brazil, USA, Thailand and all the other “better” places got overbooked and these fuckers were thrown over to Finland :D hihi hopefully they like our city though! :)

I have to go back to reality now, so…

See ya fuckers


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Det finns inget mer separation och hinder mellan mig och den andra finns det ingen känsla av främlingskap eller rädsla. Denna insikt leder till en verkligt medkännande.

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