Midsummer + Eurotour thoughts vol. 2 (Paris)

Happy Midsummer to ya'll!

Now Eurotour, where should I begin...

As you may or may not have heard, my wallet got stolen in Paris :( I did not like that! It got stolen in front of Sacre Coeur where me and my girls relaxed after a intense shopping tour and a busy free day from the exchange students… I was relaxed, until I realized I’ve been mugged… then I god “a bit” stressed again (sorry Mr. X for beeing difficult, you know who you are) but after a couple of hours wondering and chilling at the police station I got all my cards back (my ID, drivers license, insurance card and so on) That (among other things) made me kinda relaxed again… I’m still sad about my wallet that I actually loved! :( The good thing is that I have such a awesome friends that lets me borrow her credit card to withdraw money my dad sent me :) she was one of the things that made my trip! :)


Long story short, Paris was lovely but chaotic :) Some things I really wish never happened or wouldn’t have happened or that the person that was in it with me just forgot everything.

The best thing in Paris is without doubt LIDO, where I got some hours of luxury with my girls! :) Such an awesome, cool and beautiful place! If you don’t know what to do in paris and you have 150-200€ extra in your wallet, go to LIDO!! Hehe it’s worth it! :)

We stayed 3 night in Paris, so we had time there. The first day we went to Versailles… it’s like a whole new world! If you’ve seen the movie Marie Antoinette you would think you know how it was back then when you actually only get it if you’ve been to Versailles and seen the house. I don’t know how to explain it, so just go there and you’ll understand :)

That’s all I’m gonna tell you about Paris. You’ll get more about the trip later! Promise!







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