Here we go...

It all started on Wednesday the 6th when sister number 2 and I sat in the car and drove from Pirkkala, Tampere to Turku. From there we took the boat to Stockholm, Sweden. We had a nice evening/night at the boat :)

Thursday morning, when we arrived in Stockholm we drove to Solna, to sister number 3. We arrived pretty early so when we knocked at the door sis.3 had just woken up to get ready for work. Although she was awake physical I'm not quite sure she was awake mentally, because when she opened the door she looked at us like we were strangers... Which we shouldn't be to her :)

Anyway, we wanted to be in Stockholm on the 8th, because that's sis.3s' birthday and we wanted to be there for her. I already felt bad for her cuz she had to go to work... To make a long story short, we had a BBQ on Friday with the birthday girl, sis.2 and birthday girls’ friends :) Meeting her friends was great, they're pretty funny (like sis.3.)

The next day was The Day, meaning sis.1s' bridal shower. We (sis. 2 and 3, sis.1s' three friends and me) got to sis.1's apartment at 8a.m. Went inside to wake her up and that's when it all started :)
The program was:
- wake sis.1 up and make her breakfast (check)

- take her horseback riding
- have lunch

- go to the Yasuragi spa outside Stockholm ( and stay there until beautiful and fresh (which didn’t take that long)


- have dinner in a apartment in Stockholm city

Personally I liked the spa the best, where I had fish pedicure = fish eat dead skin cells off your feet. At first it tickled like hell, but after a while it wasn’t that bad :) If you want to treat yourself, have a fish pedicure! It’s worth it!

The best thing about the day was that sis.1 was completely chocked when we got to her place in the morning :) She hadn’t suspect anything so she was kind of chocked. I must say, it was pretty fun to hide 5 minutes from her place :) the best thing was when I was driving past her house and sis.2 had a little panic attack because she thought sis.1 would see us or our car… Which (no offence sis.1) she wouldn’t have seen even if we drove pass her. Alright, it doesn’t sound so funny but it was at the time! I promise!

That was the two things we went there for. On Sunday we woke up at about noon, chilled, went shopping, went to sis.1’s place to make pizza for dinner, and… that’s it.

I had an amazing trip! And I can’t wait till the wedding :) it’s going to be b.e.a-utiful!




Postat av: Monika

Bästa inlägget ever!! Bra att jag har koll på kodnamnen, sis 1,2 och 3, lättare att hänga med.

2011-07-13 @ 21:54:29
Postat av: Agnes

alla mina inlägg är bra ;)) Tänkte på dig när jag skrev, visste att du skulle tycka det var lättare att hänga med med siffror ist för namn :D hehe

2011-07-14 @ 00:45:27

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