Breaver was here

Just come home from dropping of Beaver at her house :/ She was supposed to stay her Sunday to Monday but we made a deal with her host mum so she could stay her till today :)

I had an amazing 3 days and 2 night with her :D Yesterday we went to the movies, we saw fast and furious 5, OH YEAH BABY!! ;D The sad thing was that the translation sucked so we were like the only ones who actually got the jokes... and they were pretty fucking funny! We even come up with own jokes :D 

After the movies we went to McDonalds, saw and drunk who probably was on drugs too, lifting chairs and jumping over the stairs and trying to get ketchup from a empty ketchup bottle... he was scary but funny as hell! hihi

Anyways, I'm back to normal now... :( Normal's poo! 

Later Love


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