I belive I can fly

Just got home from having breakfast/brunch with my girls, Beccy and Bella :) we just talked about everything we could come and think of. Loved to see them again and I'm gonna miss them!

I'm moving in 2 days, Wednesday to be exact :) Even though the move isn't that big of a deal it still is a bit sad to leave Finland after 11 years... It's like an end of an era. And frankly, I'm not a big fan of saying goodbye to things/people, it makes me sad. But I'm exited :D

Speaking of goodbyes, Beaver was here yesterday. She actually came on Saturday and left yesterday, so... yeah. Anyways I had an Amazing time with her and Aaron, the drug dealer, this weekend! Makes me smile every time I think about those two. Specially them together!


I also saw Iinas new apartment yesterday. It beautiful! Absolutely loved it! We made salty muffins. It was kinda entertaining to see her trying to cook with a Swedish recipe and American cups + she wasn't feeling so good. I hope she's better today though.




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