The new visitor

Like I told you before, and what you should know if you're not blind (no offence);
I have a visitor counter on my blog. It says the country and the city the visitor is from, but it also shows the country’s flag :)
So yesterday I got my first visitor from Dubai :) The new flag almost calls for an celebration!
and for you how's wondering, the "new visitor" is my love, Else who lives there these days :) And no, I'm not jealous at all! Who would ever wanna live in a place that looks like paradise?

FACT: A "dude" is an infected hair on an elephants butt.


Postat av: Linnea Molander

och nu ser du den blå/vita bleka flaggan. Somliga har det värre än andra.

2012-01-18 @ 17:30:08

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