Sitting on the train...

Hello, I'm bored to death!

I'm sitting on the train from Tampere to Helsinki, trying to entertain myself on this thing called Internet, but it's kinda hard, cuz the connection sucks :( But I have to admit, bad connection is better than no connection at all! In Swedish we would call this "I-landsproblem" (if you don't understand, learn Swedish!)

The worst thing about my littel "trip" is that there's a man sitting close infront of me, who smell's really bad!! Unbelieble that you first have to pay almost bouble price for a first class ticket, and then comes the smelly man -.- so not worth the extra money! :/ but no can do, right?

The woman in the speakers just annosed that we're arriving in Tikkurila, 10 minutes from Helsinki :) Finally! The end of bordness :)

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! I know I am, if you don't count the train journey from Tampere to Helsinki :)


Postat av: Monika

Du kan ju alltid läsa en bok. B-O-K. Highly entertaining!

2011-07-18 @ 20:57:05
Postat av: Agnes

råkade inte ha med mig någon bok vid det tillfället :/

2011-07-18 @ 21:33:05

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