Christmas in the summer

I'm leaving Helsinki for Tampere today. I think I'll stay there for some time but the tree things I have on my "to do"-list is:

1. Celebrate my birthday
2. Meet Beaver
3. Celebrate Mums birthday and mums and dads anniversary

The summer for me is kinda of like Christmas only for a longer time :) First we have Maria and her birthday. Then a week after that we have me! ;) After that pit's mums birthday and my parents wedding anniversary (on my mums’ birthday). Then it's Monika and last but not least it's isä's birthday :) Johanna is the only one who's not "with us" during our secound Christmas but normally at least one in my family is travelling so she gets presents from the trip :) Like from me from Eurotour so don't worry about her :)

Btw, I have Brazilians in my house :) They're leaving today though but I've hade them for 2 nights and 3 days so I'm happy! It's amazing how much I start to miss Brazil the minute I start to talk with people from there <3 Love love love it! :)

Happy sunny summer to ya'll



Postat av: Linnea Molander

Trevligt att du tar dig tid och kommer till gamla goda Pirkkala. Imorgon är det din 20-års dag och det är liksom en ganska stor grej, eller hur? Tänkte idag på vad jag gjorde denna där för 20 år sedan.


2011-07-01 @ 19:59:46

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