b, as in bank

Every time I go to the bank, which is like once a year, it feels like I'm a very important person... So important that I can't do what I have to do on the internet, like normal people :) Today, I went to the bank to

1. get my new credit card


2. put the money I got for graduation on my account :)


The bank-lady was really nice! She congratulated me on graduating, said that people clearly like me, cuz I got a lot of money, more than she got when she graduated, (which was like 8 years ago) :D I liked her! I even got her business card so that I can call her or contact her if I have questions or bank-things that needs to be taken care of! I GOT A NEW FRIEND! :D Jealous much??

I saw Kinga yesterday! My friend from Poland, who was in Brazil the same year as me. It was amazing to see her again and so much fun! I thought we wouldn't be as good friends anymore, after all, it's been 2 years and 4 months since I've seen her. But that was not the case! we were just like we were in Brazil, this time only smarter and older :) I loved loved loved seeing her and really miss her now. The minute I have enough money to go to her place, I'm so going! :)

I also had an amazing time with Rebecca yesterday :) Chilled at Coffee House for quite some time! But don't get me wrong! It was fun fun fun :)

Kinga, te amo!

She's not normal, but then again, who is??



Postat av: Linnea Molander

Bra Agnes! Där ser du hur trevligt det är att spara. Börja spara, sluta slösa och du får gå till banken oftare och träffa trevliga människor.

2011-07-19 @ 15:57:14
Postat av: ellen

yaaay en ny vän! :)))

2011-07-22 @ 13:20:15
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